Boulevard Frère Orban, 35A

B-4000 Liège

Tél.: +32 (0)4 222 31 82 from 1/1/20201

E-mail: info@quasys.com


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Directions to our offices:

1st floor

Attention, the number 35 has been assigned to two buildings on either side of the street Raikem. Our offices are located at 35 A (on the right side watching from the street Raikem to the river Meuse)
You will see the logo and company name on the windows of the first floor next to the entrance door of the building.
During the day, use the bells located in the lobby (and not outside of the building)

Access Plan:   to download (see annex)

Train: Guillemins station (10 minutes walk)
Bus lines 1, 4, 25, 30, 48 (2 minutes walk)