Since 1990, Quasys helps companies developing their organizations to achieve excellence.

In 1999, EDF (pays de l’Aisne) and VITALAIRE, French companies, entrusts to us coaching of their quality assurance responsibles on both human and management levels.

Accompanying Quasys includes the following development areas:

  • knowledge of human nature;
  • development of the maturity of the mind;
  • acquisition of constructive serenity;
  • control tools and stress management approaches (including prevention of Burnout and “rehabilitation” post mental exhaustion)
  • mastery of human relations principles (including the art of the compliment and constructive criticism);
  • development of managerial and leadership skills (including prevention and conflict management, delegation and managing change);
  • mastery of communication approaches (including nonverbal and written or not applied to new technologies);
  • development of emotional skills and Emotional Quotient;
  • mastery of tools and approaches to optimize time management,
  • mastery of the principles of good manners in society and in the professional world.

The Director of the company Hydrometal said that “goals (after coaching) are achieved with coached more attentive, achieving better reporting, with less absenteeism and better productivity and this after only 3 months” .

In 2007, Quasys created the Companionship of Talents®. This coherent set of services that goes from estimating the potential of a person to its transformation into remarkable skills.

The Companionship of Talents® aims to develop interpersonal, emotional and behavioural skills. The original approach is innovative and powerful, focused on a form of “education – action”.

Sum of the spirit of the Companionship of Duty and more recent discoveries in neuroscience and cognitive science, it is the personal development of the service in a balanced research success and fulfilment.