Compliance and ethics code

As a Quasys collaborator, I undertake:

• Do not disclose and use confidential information;
• to realise my benefits with all due professional care;
• To communicate clearly and accurately in accordance with the truth;
• to master my emotions, listen, recognize and understand the emotions of others;
• To demonstrate integrity, probity and rectitude;
• To respect my commitments to customers, Quasys employees or partners:
“A commitment is a promise, a promise is a contract”;
• To respect any person with whom I am in contact (customer, employee, partner);
• A constantly seek to anticipate and satisfy the explicit and implicit requirements of the customer in accordance with our values, laws and regulations;
• Do not customer focus, employee or partner at the expense of another;
• To represent worthily the company Quasys and act as an ambassador for our values on the outside and inside.