Key dates in the history of Quasys are presented in the table below:

Date Events
1990 Creation of the company
1993 Council in pharmaceutical engineering & quality management for companies in the medical device sector
1995 Enlargement missions with training and coaching
1996 Team Expansion
1997 Team Growth
1998 Quasys diverse sectors of intervention
1999 Quasys is recognized by the Walloon Region as a training operator
2000 The book “La Qualité pour la vie” is published by Editions Luc Pire
2001 Quasys offers inter-company training program and is recognized as a training organization by France
2002 Quasys develops its activities in neighbouring countries
2003 Quasys expanding its activities overseas export (Algeria, UAE, Malaysia, Switzerland, USA)
2004 Release of the book ” Le Coaching-Skilling, le Compagnonnage du XXIème siècle “ (Trends-Roularta Editions) and Jean-Michel Compère works at ICHEC (coaching module)
2005 Jean-Michel Compere began work at the University of Liège
2006 Jean-Michel Compère participates in the selection of candidates and is involved in the HEC-ULg Entrepreneurs program
2007 Quasys divides its activities in September. It creates “Quasys Consult” for consulting activities. Quasys creates the concept and registered the trademark “Companionship of Talents®”.
2008 The Association of Talent Companions is created at a gala at the Provincial Palace of Liège
2009 The book ” Atouts Talents “ is published by EDIPRO and Quasys
2010 The book “La maturité de l’esprit “ is published by EDIPRO
2010 Jean-Michel Compère becomes “lecturer” at the University of Liège
2014 The collection of books ” Clés pour s’élever ” is published by Quasys and Bebooks
2015 The book “Mon stress sur-mesure” is published by Quasys and Bebooks