A screening assessment aimed to estimate the potential for developing emotional, interpersonal and organizational skills of a person or group of persons selected for:

  • additional light for hiring a person to facilitate starting work
  • identify the different potentials:
    • base,
    • relational,
    • creativity,
    • expertise
    • leadership

This helps to identify the potential of the person in the main axes of professional careers.

  • assess the talent development potential for an internal or external support; a promotion; a career plan
  • estimate the return on investment (ROI) for an accompanying approach (training, coaching …)
  • realize a dynamic chart for forward-looking management of human resources


The screening is carried out on a number of criteria determined by you based on the searched information:
• 8 essential criteria for estimating the basic potential
(This assessment helps identify the adaptability, challenged and progress capacities)
• 41 criteria to estimate the potential related to 41 emotional, relational and organizational skills and allowing in particular to estimate the potential on 5 groups presented above.

This approach allows:
• discover potential talents in your structure in order to develop their talents into competencies;
• detect people for internal developments;
• retain and motivate qualified individuals;
• plan high efficiency training programs;
• assess the relevance of a coaching.